Get involved

Fulltime staff

At this moment our team consist of 1 fulltime YWAMer, 1 parttime YWAMer and many volunteers. We are in need more fulltime and parttime YWAMers. There is much room to develop your own vision. Also we have the following opportunities. Maybe you or someone you know would be interested? We are looking for:

–        Someone to lead a Discipleship Evening School ‘TakeOff’, coordinate seminar days and coordinate/lead a summer outreach

–        Someone to lead evangelism outreaches and develop cell group strategy

–        Someone to do PR for the ministry

–        Someone to host outreach teams and develop strategic outreaches outside the netherlands

–        Someone who can do fundraising and setup a financial administration

–        Someone to lead prayer groups and pioneer 24/7 worship and intercession

–        Someone to pioneer DTS-es

–        Someone to pioneer Christian Counseling and Coaching in the region/city


If you have not been following the DTS but would like to work with us as volunteer, you can let us know what you think you could do for us through

We are looking forward to have you with us!