Youth with a Mission Rotterdam

Youth with a Mission Rotterdam is an operation location in Barendrecht. Our town is a suburb of Rotterdam. The centre of the city is about 20 minutes drive and 15 minutes by train from Barendrecht. Rotterdam has one of the three biggest harbours of the world and is a lively nightlife city. There are many things to experience and if not, you can always enjoy the wonderful architecture of the city.

As YWAM Rotterdam we focus on intimacy with God and from that place expect big things from Him. We want to step out in faith and walk in the supernatural! We believe that God is telling us that He’s going to do new things in new ways. How that’s going to look like we don’t know yet. But through our personal relationship with God, He will show us the way step by step. Exciting!!!

Whether you’re going to be involved in a school, coöperate in a ministryteam or starting your own ministry; there are many options to get involved .

Step out in faith and go on a mission adventure trip in Rotterdam area.